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Vanity Ink - Vanity Is A Full Time Job
Vanity Ink
Vanity Is A Full Time Job
Hard Rock
2 stars

One of my favorite Finnish bands, Vanity Ink is back with a new 4-track EP of hard rockin’ pop. “Living a Dream” shows the unearthly nature the band has achieved in a short period of time. Vanity Ink has charisma, style and flash but the songs are lacking some kick.

The five songs are good, but they are just lacking that edge. “Downward Bound’s” music is hard driving but the vocals are lost in the mix and are lacking enthusiasm. Vanity Ink comes right back with a killer tune called “The Drug You Want” that shows they do have the ability to make good music. The song starts off like a hard ass AC/DC song then takes a life of its own in the Vanity Ink style.

Vanity Ink has the vibe and sound of Garbage but a little heavier with their own trademark style. Not a bad demo but not the best effort I feel the band can give to the public. Still “The Drug You Want” kicks ass.

Band Lineup:
  • Miki - Bass / Vocals
  • Make - Guitar
  • Juha Bandit - Guitar / Vocals
  • Sam Junni - Drums
  • Annabella - Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Living a Dream
  2. Had Enough of Acting Nice
  3. Downward Bound
  4. The Drug You Want
  5. Confused


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