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Back in the day when great hair metal bands were plentiful, getting signed left and right… there were many that missed the mark of greatness and you wonder why. Bands such as POISON, MOTLEY CRUE, GUNS N’ ROSES and DOKKEN were making a name for themselves coming out of the L.A scene, but the East Coast wasn’t far behind with band like TWISTED SISTER, BON JOVI, and SKID ROW. The club scene in the late eighties and nineties was on high alert and the East Coast was thriving with the over saturation of good bands like TRIXTER, SPREAD EAGLE, T.T. QUICK, ZEBRA, BRITNEY FOX and AMERICAN ANGEL all making an impact. There were so many bands many went unnoticed… you just couldn’t keep up with such an abundance of solid bands.

Well back in 1986, J.J. Bellew, John Roebuck and Phil Mahr formed WASHED, coming out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. One of the first songs to be noticed was “I Need An Angel” as the band gained legions of fans, many thought WASHED to be a Christian band but that wasn’t the case.

In 1988/90 Concrete Marketing & Promotions released a sampler that included “Alone” and “Turn It Around” by WASHED that received world wide attention and air-play in eighteen different countries. The band was on their way.

Throughout the years WASHED were gigging with major acts like SKID ROW, JOAN JETT, and WHITE LION and never gave up hope on hitting the big time. Touring relentlessly, releasing demos and marketing their hard to find sort after “Blue” album in 1991, the band pushing on but a major obstacle was in the way… the Seattle Grunge scene. Metal was put to rest and in January 1992 they disbanded.

As it happens, 15 years after its initial release Sam Younes, J.J. Bellew and Rick Statkus are digitally remastering eight and remixing five of the thirteen tracks from the “BLUE” CD to released in late March/April 2007.

Rockeyez has hooked up with Sam Younes of WASHED and we were lucky enough to get a taste of what’s to come. I can’t believe I missed out on these guys back in the day. The music still holds the edge and is vibrant, bringing back memories of DOKKEN and other high profile bands.

“I Need An Angel” is a chart busting tune that will be getting air-play around the globe. Having hints of progressive sounds yet holding the metal in the palm of you hand. The song reminds me of the vintage era of WINGER and sorry to say Reb your guitar playing will be taking the back seat on this one.

“Guilty” Bon Jovi fans check this one out; reminiscent of BON JOVI’s “Love Lies” and the vocals are fantastic. These boys are ripping it up and I can’t wait for the official release.

“Dream” gets mellow and has the essence of GREAT WHITE and HURRICANE and it doesn’t stop there “Steel Could Feel Pain” has the tantalizing sincerity of DOKKEN’s “Alone Again” and could be a hit maker.

“Alone” no wonder why this song reached global status, a tear jerker sentimental song that will have your lady cuddling close to you next to the fire place.

My two writers Dave and Mark are big fans of music like WASHED and will be hitting me up for the disc. So do yourself a favor check these boys out from PA. This is an amazing unfinished CD and I only see huge things for the release. Get on their mailing list, Go to there MySpace and Get WASHED.

Band Lineup:
  • JJ Bellew – Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Phil Mahr – Drums
  • Danny Brown – Guitar, Vocals
  • Rick Statkus – Bass, Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. I Need An Angel
  2. Guilty
  3. Dream
  4. Steel Could Feel Pain
  5. Alone
  6. Turn It Around
  7. Crawling
  8. Armed & Dangerous


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