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Wide Screen Mode - Another Day
Widescreen Mode
Another Day
4 stars

WideScreen Mode is one of the top Finnish bands to hit the media. Ranking the third most popular bands behind HIM and Children of Bodom on Myspace and this is without a full-length release. Their latest endeavor “Another Day” EP is a power packed blast of energy with Metallica-like punch yet being more aggressive. “We Don’t Need Your War” starts off melodic and elevates until lightning strikes. The harmonies are excellent and with the backing of those power chords, this track put you in a state of shock. Excellent tune!!!

The feeling I get from WSM is a mixture of Metallica meets Nevermore. The title track “Another Day” just tears it up and with the special addition of guest appearances by Petri Kallio working the strings, Charlotta Kivisto working the magic on grand piano and violins and Paula Nurminen slipping in some viola make the track classic. “Everlasting Bomb” is another good track but not one of my favorites as I can’t see the programming element when these guys should know the metal credentials. No Sampling and programming in metal. “Won’t Believe You” brings WSM back to earth pounding the metal once again with hard hitting mastery. If you’re into Metallica, not the soft Metallica check these guys out.

Band Lineup:
  • Samu Brusila - Vocals
  • Janne Lahtinen - Guitar 
  • Janne Stenroos - Bass
  • Janne Aaltonen - Drums 


Track Listing:
  1. We Don't Need Your War
  2. Another Day
  3. Everlasting Bomb
  4. Won't Believe You


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