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Winter Haze - Innocent Dream
Winter Haze
Innocent Dream
Power Metal
4.5 stars

Italy’s Winter Haze will blow your mind wondering, “why aren’t these boys signed?” Do you hear me, major and Indy labels? Winter Haze brings pure pleasure to open minds of power metal fans. The high screaming guitar riffs by Raffaele Albanese are relentless and they mesh with Giorgia Marra's vocals which could pass for Michael Sweet of Stryper.

Winter Haze is truly a band that needs to be exposed to the masses as they trek through a delightful four-song demo. “Innocent Dream” is a masterpiece with great timing and breaks. It has the twinkle of starlight shinning through with the collaboration of perfection. It’s hard to believe that this band is going unnoticed so the word needs to be spread on Winter Haze.

Stefano Bottarelli keyboards are piercing in perfect harmony with superb arrangements that add to the climax of the lead guitar to accentuate the sounds. They have all the elements to be successful in today’s music world. They set their music apart by the expression of vocalist by Marra who also sounds like Justin Hawkins of The Darkness during his high vocals points.

“From Here To Eternity” is a melodic rock track that will capture your attention; it brings a different dimension to the band. The saddest thing about this CD is it left me yearning for more of Winter Haze.

Band Lineup:
  • Raffaele Albanese - Guitar and Vocals
  • Giorgia Marra - Vocals
  • Stefano Bottarelli - Keyboards
  • Lorenzo Solazzi - Bass
  • Matteo Rossi - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Innocent Dream
  2. White Witch
  3. From Here To Eternity
  4. Neverland


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