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Our new weekly feature appropriately titled “BACK IN THE DAY” is the brainchild of our writer Mark Balogh. As we look back on bands “BACK IN THE DAY,” you will see original concert ads, possibly original photos and comments from the artists themselves.


Back in the Day, Jersey’s own RITUAL (founded by lead vocalist and main songwriter Bill Farley) had become a familiar staple on the East Coast. The band played to sold out crowds all across the eastern seaboard and in addition received worldwide radio play (which included NJ/NY power stations such as WDHA, Q104.3 and 92.3 K-Rock) and were covered in countless numbers of publications & fanzines.

RITUAL was well on their way to making their mark and were looking to get signed. After countless demos and worldwide exposure, Bill Farley began meetings with executive labels back in the late 80’s early 90’s in search of that elusive recording contract but repeatedly, there was one stumbling block from which to overcome… the labels only wanted Farley and wished to exclude the rest of the band. Being approached with this, it took only a blink of an eye for Farley, in his own eloquent way and specific choice of adjectives, to tell the labels exactly what they could do with their record contract and walked out.

Even to this day, Farley has remained an outspoken front man and defender of artist’s rights and music. Our own Stephanie Rademacher who worked with RITUAL “back in the day” can attest to that.

Farley led a true “rock-star” life when it came to women, drugs and alcohol but none of that has effected his positive outlook on life or tarnished his heart of gold. RockEyez had a chance to meet with Farley for some unbelievable stories which you will read about in an upcoming feature interview.

Now, it’s been over twenty years since RITUAL first stepped onto the stage but they are still going strong… even having played our first RockEyez event in early 2007. I am proud to say that not only has Farley become a personal friend of myself, but most of our staff as well. While he has mellowed as a person over the years, if you were witness to our RockEyez show there would be no doubt in your mind that this man still has a captivating presence on stage and can still rock the house as his animal instincts are rejuvenated.

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