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Interview with Eric Höjdén
(Vocals, Guitar - Kid Down)

Kid Down

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: September 15th, 2005

Eric, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Why did you only release four songs on “Deadkidssongs?”
Before “DEADKIDSONGS”, we had only released some demos and we felt we needed to expand our fan base before going for the album. An EP is a perfect format and a good way for people to get a grip of the band.

Were you in any bands before Kid Down that released any demos or CD’s and what band(s) were they?
We all had a Weezer-wannabe band before Kid Down… and we had a punk band called The Mad Golfers (a parody of the Mad Caddies). We released some demos but nothing that serious.

Do you have material for a full-length release?
Oh yes, but we are not totally satisfied yet. We don’t want to feel – “Gosh what a boring album.” when we’re done. So we really want to make the best out of this chance.

Can you give us any titles of other tracks?
”110%”, “Everything will burn”, “A Kid Called Down,” “Tension & Parable.”

During your earlier years what music did you listen to and do you remember the first concert you attended?
As said before, Weezer, they were my heroes. But we also listened to a lot’s of Swedish skate punk music like Millencolin, Randy, Stoned and No Fun At All. Green Day’s “Dookie” is always a favorite and of course everything with Nirvana. The first concert? I don’t know... probably some shitty local artist playing home made punk songs in the wrong key… ha-ha… no I don’t remember.

The first time you picked up a guitar. What was your dream?
I wanted to be able to play every Nirvana song ever made… ha-ha... I was like 12 or 13 years old.

Do you get comparisons to My Chemical Romance?
I actually never heard that one about MCR before… I agree that our EP may sound a bit My Chemical Romance-ish but our goal is not to sound like any other band… especially not in the “emo” genre where all the bands sound like each other. So what we’re trying to achieve at the moment is to create that special “Kid Down sound”… but that’s also a very pathetic and worn-out phrase.

What is your favorite track on the EP?
I would say, “We’ll make it away”… don’t know why actually. The version on "DEADKIDSONGS" is actually number three we made on “We’ll make it away”. But now we’re finally happy with the song.

How long was the band together before being signed to Atenzia Records?
Kid Down has been around since 2001… and we signed to Atenzia Records in the beginning of 2004.

What song do you feel impressed the label to sign Kid Down?
Ha-ha… I don’t know actually… from what I’ve heard it was because our demo-EP sounded so raw but playful… and I guess that was the reason they became interested.

What was the feeling you got the first time you played live in front of an audience?
Can’t remember... I’ve played the trumpet since I was five years old. So I’ve never had any problems with playing or speaking in front of people.

What can fans expect from a live performance by Kid Down?
Chaos, humour and a punk attitude!

What is the last CD you listened to?
Probably the new album with Regina Spektor or the latest Slipknot record…

Tell us your feeling about each member of the band and who you would compare them to in music.
Jens Anundsson (Guitar/Vocals) - This is where the actions is! Sometimes he’s so confused that he forgets his own name… but he knows how to drink beer and sing so it doesn’t matter. Jens wants to be E-type or some other cool euro disco dude.
Kristoffer Ljung (Bass/Vocals) - He’s that blonde dude with the bass… right? Ha-ha, I can’t compare him with anyone I know…. he’s the almighty Kristoffer Ljung of Kid Down!
David Bergström (Drums) - Our skilled drummer-boy! He takes our lame pop songs to another level. Sometimes he’s Keith Moon, playing drum fills at all the “wrong” places… but that’s what makes it so good.

Are there other new bands coming out of Sweden you would recommend to people and who are they?
I really dig a band called I Love Pilot, they will release a single this fall, and an album in January 2006... if you’re into Foo Fighters meets ‘Caesars Palace’ you should definitely check them out!

Who is your biggest influence?
Jack Black is a good role model.

What is the most memorable moment in your young career?
The first time I walked into a real hi-end studio with the kids of down.

What do you see in the future for Kid Down?
We haven’t been able to play as many shows as we wanted to… so I hope we’ll be able to play more live shows!

What is a typical day for Eric Höjdén?
I’m working as a producer here in Sweden, so if you’re looking for me, I’m probably in my studio recording or mixing some band.

Tell us the wildest thing that ever happened at a Kid Down show?
Ha-ha… THAT…you don’t want to know…

If you were playing a festival show what bands would you have on the bill with you?
Blink-182, MC Lars, Billy Talent, Say Anything and JR Ewing.

What kind of support do you get from family members?
They’re supportive... but probably don’t understand what it means to me, Chris, David and Jens.

Eric, Rockeyez would like to congratulate you on a masterpiece EP and receiving 5 out of 5 stars on our site. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
It feels awesome getting such great response on an EP that we’ve put so much time and effort into. Make sure pick up your own copy of “DEADKIDSONGS” because I know they’re running out. See you out there!!

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