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Interview with KILLENSTEIN
(guitar, vocals - Wrath of Killenstein)


Interviewed by Pedro Lopes

Date: February, 5th 2005

Rockeyez: I like to start off by saying that I love the Wrath Of Killenstein image, attitude and sound.  What inspires and drives you to have such a creative atmosphere?

Killenstein: To me there's no other way to have it. I think the world we live in is boring and nauseating. Politics, bullshit religions, newspapers and TV constantly telling you how you should live, act, feel and think; instead of dwelling in all of that normality, I would rather create and live in my own atmosphere. And who wants to go out and stare at a band that looks like plumbers and mechanics who just got off work? Not me.

The suit you wear on stage is intimidating!  Did you customize it
yourself and how long did it take to create?

Yes. I created it. The greatest thing about building it was tearing up $4,000 Italian leather with a knife. I gathered up a bunch of metal and some tools and began construction. The whole thing took about one or two long nights.

What made you decide that you wanted to start a band?

Being a huge fan of metal, music has always been an important part of my existence. It's what my life has always revolved around, so there was never any question that I would write music or have a band as it would seem unnatural not to. I can't remember not being in a band or playing music over the years all leading up to what we have now , which I consider the ultimate band that I would love to see as a metal fan in the audience.


Were you happy on how the first Wrath Of Killenstein album came out?

The first CD is actually just a demo. It was originally created for my own enjoyment. It was kind of a solo thing. I laid down some tracks for some songs that had just come to me. I got some other people involved in playing on some of the tracks then it kind of took on a life of its own. I think they are great songs. Some production values in certain aspects would be approached differently today however. That being said, I'm happy with it.

Is the band planning on working on another album in the near future?

Yes, we're working on a complete CD of new songs as we speak and hope to have it out in the coming months.

What would you do differently from the first album and can you
give us any song titles?

This CD is going to be a little more polished compared to the original but will have the same style and feel as the first one.


Also, is there any word of a Wrath Of Killenstein music video in the works?

We have a ton of live footage that is being compiled for individual song videos. “The Raptus” is already done and the rest are coming. We plan on having them all on a special DVD once they're all complete.


Will there be a Wrath Of Killenstein tour in the near future, if so,
will you guys be performing in new venues?

We're hoping for a tour sometime in the near future along with some support and backing from a decent label. Right now we're working on a lot of new material and getting things in order to really get back out there with a big impact. When you're playing live shows that becomes your main focus and concern. Every minute goes in to preparing for the shows and making sure everything goes as planned, etc. Unfortunately that doesn't leave any time for recording or writing or being creative so right now we're using all of this time to finish developing new material and getting it recorded and straightening things out before we go back out again.


Will Wrath Of Killenstein be involved in future Metal fests like the
one you guys played at in the Milwaukee Metal fest?

We would love to be part of more Metal fests. We had an awesome time in Milwaukee and had a chance to meet some great people. I understand there are a couple coming up this summer we may get involved with.


It's been a pleasure to be able to interview you, hope to see Wrath of
Killenstein tour in the area soon. Rock On!



(All photographs taken by Brian Rademacher and cannot be reproduced without written permission from Wrath of Killenstein and/or Brian Rademacher.)



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