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Rocklahoma 2008 RockEyez was There!!

By Dave Felix
Mark Balogh
Mark Balogh
 Brian Rademacher & Ray Button
Brian Rademacher & Ray Button our media escort
Dave Felix
Dave Felix
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    DAY 6

    By David Felix

    Well… that just about wraps up ROCKLAHOMA 2008!

    What an incredible 5 days of music and memories!

    Since we didn’t actually get back to the hotel until almost 4 am on Monday morning, most of us didn’t even bother to try and sleep as our flight back to Jersey was leaving in just a few hours.

    By the time we all actually got to the airport, we were all just drained both physically and mentally. So much walking, so much to take in but I wouldn’t have missed a second of it. It was actually kinda funny because here we thought WE were drained but it turned out that Eddie Trunk was taking the same flight back as we were! We saw him as we were standing in line waiting for our boarding passes and then again as we were waiting to get through the security check-in. Of course we said hello, but other than that we just left him alone… the man looked like he was tied to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged all the way to the airport from Pryor! But in the end, I am sure he was thinking the same thing we were… despite all the “minor” set-backs, we all had the time of our lives and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

    At this point, on behalf of myself, Mark, Brian and all the staff at ROCKEYEZ, we would just like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in the event… all the staff, fans, media and, of course, the artists we had the pleasure of spending the week with.

    First and foremost, we would like to send out a very special thank you to Crissy at Event Marketing Group for all her help in setting us up and, of course, Rob Miller for organizing the entire event.

    We would also like to thank DarcyLynn for all her help and useful information about ROCKLAHOMA (be sure to visit her MySpace site at:, our AWESOME media escort Ray Button, the one and only Eddie Trunk, Bill Chavis (Chavis Records), Michael from Blastzone, Sam at Retrospect Records, Tom Mathers from RockNation, Lance King, Stephanie Rademacher for all her hard work (our site would be nothing without you!), my beautiful wife Judy for editing all the articles you’ve been reading and putting up with all my bullshit, Greg Schmitt and his wife Jennifer and ALL the event staff for keeping things going all week long… even in the face extreme adversity after the storm but thanks to your efforts, not only did the show go on, but no one was seriously injured. Great job and thanks to ALL of you… well, maybe except for the security at gate 11! (Just kidding… we know you were just doing your job.)

    Next, we would like to thank ALL the artists we had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with… especially (but not exclusive to) Randy Jackson and ZEBRA (thanks so much for all your support and friendship), Michael Ross (a class act from head to toe), all the guys from GYPSY PISTOLEROS (thanks for being so great to us all week), Mark “Gus” Scott from TRIXTER (we’ll never forget hanging with you under the tent during the storm… thanks for being so cool to us!), Tracii Guns, Chip Z’Nuff, Jacob Lynam, Michael Thomas, all the guys in HOUSE OF LORDS, Sebastian Bach, Don Dokken, Vernon Reid and all the guys in LIVING COLOUR, Frank Hannon and TESLA (thanks for all your kindness), Geoff Tate, EXTREME, the amazing George Lynch (thanks for being such an awesome person), all the girls from COCKPIT, the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, Miljenko Matijevic, Ron Keel, Marq Torien, TRIXTER, the classiest band in the business NIGHT RANGER, Jaime St. James, Dario Lorina, Davy Vain, ”Metal” Mike and all the rest of the artists and performers who made this event so special and memorable for all.

    Than lastly, we would like to thank YOU! All the fans and readers who keep us all going. None of us, from our simple staff here at ROCKEYEZ to all the artists and musicians you’ve been reading about or came out to see, could keep doing what we’re doing without YOU! Thanks!

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